Zip Line & Exotic Animal Park



This amazing zip line experience features 12 zips and 2 suspension bridges. Our zip line lengths range from 90 to 2000-feet, the height ranges from 15 to 300-feet!. It features the latest in safety equipment including a dual-pulley/dual-cable system. You will zip from tree platform to tree platform through tall jungle trees, across meadows and from hillside to hillside. Plus, get a free, unlimited access to visit the exotic animal zoo where you see monkeys, sloths, parrots and other fantastic creatures.


Zip Line & Exotic Animal Park includes the following:

-Zip Line adventure (12 zips, 35 to 45 minutes)

-Access to exotic animals park


**Add roundtrip transportation from Mahogany Bay or Coxen Hole port for $13 per person.