1– Roatan is the largest island of the Bay Island State which is formed by 2 major islands, Utila and Guanaja and several keys and islets.

2-The island is 38 miles long and 5 miles at the widest point.

3-Roatan has population of over 100,000 people.

4-Roatan is home of the Mesoamerican reef, the second largest reef in the world after Australia.

5-96% of all marine species of the Caribbean are found in Roatan.

6-Our Island is located 46 miles from the coast of mainland Honduras.

7-It was ruled by the English empire for 40 years from 1742 to 1782. Then again from 1827 to 1859 when the British relinquished control to the Country of Honduras.

8-For its location, Roatan became a strategic point for pirates, which would raid Spanish ships stealing the gold taken from the natives of Honduras and other countries.

9-Famous privateers and pirates including Henry Morgan, Blackbeard (Edward Thatch), Van Hoorn, John Coxen and many others lived between Roatan and neighboring island to avoid capture.

10-It is believed there is still gold and treasures hidden in the mountains of Roatan. So keep an “aye aye” for things on the ground, you never know what you may find…Finder’s keeper!